BLUEFLY - Risky Purchase or Safe Bet?

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  1. I just found a whole bunch of Chloes on BLUEFLY! I was absolutely thrilled about it until I found a whole bunch of postings about their selling FAKE Balenciagas in 2006. It seems that some people were returning Fake bags at the time, but now they seem to have resolved the Security/Authenticity with a security tag.

    However, I've read conflicting reports about that, even now. Has anyone bought a Chloe there recently? Is your bag Authentic, what's your shopping experience there like? Is shopping there a risky business or a safe bet? Many thanks. :smile:
  2. you still have 90 days for return as least the security tag still on. So you have a change to check the authenticate! But I do belive they sell authentic item. I still shop with them. Nice package! Nice reps! I ordered 2 Gucci, 1Chloe. For me BF safe!
  3. I think its relativley safe becuase you can always return but VERY expensive.
  4. I've purchased 2 bags from Bluefly, a Chloe Betty black patent shopper and a brown Gucci Britt tote, both were fine. As mentioned above, you can leave the tag on, check it out, and if not happy, return it. However, I think that now they are using the security tags, there's not too much to worry about. They may have been victim of switches.
  5. I really doubt they knowingly sold fake bags in the past. I bought my red Heloise through them and it was perfect! I also returned a black Heloise earlier. Their prices are not generally the best - especially now that authentication is not a problem. They look good when you start to get nervous about ebay.
  6. I have nothing but great things to say about bluefly! :tup:

    I think bait and switch scams are terrible, but luckily most retailers are wise to the problem now.

    I bought a Chloe wallet from bluefly, it arrived here within 3 days, faster than mail within Australia! :nuts:

    Amazing service and very fast shipping, worth the extra cost I think :yes:
  7. Thanks guys for the pointers and feedback! :flowers: Here's the game plan - I'll buy the bag, leave the security tag on, take a whole bunch of pictures and load them up in "Authenticate This" and see what the experts have to say.

    Now if only I can find a hefty discount for Bluefly in "Steals & Deals"...
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    Diabro and Authenticity (re email from Chloe!)

    I just read this post regarding Diabro & Authenticity, it touches on the "yakuza', "super fakes", grey markets, mafia, parallel imports, and Bluefly as head is still spinning from reading the whole thing! :wtf:

    Since this is my first Paddy (although I do plan on buying more Paddies in the future), I don't want to have any nagging doubts. I'll buy my first Paddy at Neiman's, then the next one at Bluefly or eBay at a later date. This way, I'll have something to go by, and can compare my later purchases with the one I bought at Neiman's, with the help from other forum members as well.

    Just thought of another option, I can buy both bags (they're the same bag) - one at Neiman's and the other at Bluefly - compare the two side by side and return the one that's not right or the one I don't want.
  9. I have purchased from bluefly twice( both times were chloe items) and had no problems. Not to mention you do have the return safety net just in case!
  10. I bought a Dior bag from BlueFly last year and it was authentic. Good luck on your decision!
  11. I'm seriously considering buying the bag from both Neiman's and Bluefly & comparing them side-by-side! :idea: Haven't quite made up my mind yet...
  12. Update:

    Thanks for the pointers and feedback, guys! :flowers: I finally did it, I bought the bag from Bluefly! :smile: I'll take some pictures and load them up for authentication when it arrives! If it looks at all funny, I may buy the same bag at Neiman's and compare them side-by-side. (I've seen the bag at Neiman's in person, but it helps to see them side-by-side). Anyway, thanks again for all your help!
  13. WHAT are you buying, Sinful? I can tell you that I bought a fake a couple months ago, and IMMEDAITELY knew it was fake when I opened the box. It felt different and it SMELLED funky. I just bought a paddy from Portero, came w/ a security tag. Looked FAB to me, but I took a bunch of pix and posted, and it was given a blessing. I think you will probably be fine. Many of these companies have stepped up their security, and using the security tags has helped alot. Can't wait to see your new bag! It's such FUN to get a new bag!
  14. I bought the Black Baby Paddy on Bluefly. So sorry to hear you bought a Fake a couple of months ago! :sad: I hope you got your money back! I'll definitely post some pics on ATC when I get the bag. Thanks for all your help! :smile:
  15. YAY... The one you wanted, wanted, wanted, WANTED! Good for you!:tup: