Bluefly Question

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  1. I saw the thread on the updated inventory on bluefly so I decided to head on over. I was able to successfully put a red paddington and a black spy bag in my cart. I was also able to get all the way up until check out and then it started giving me error pages:suspiciou . Funds are missing from my account, but I haven't gotten a receipt or anything. Customer service is closed, so I was wondering if this ever happened to anyone else? Thanks in advance!:biggrin: :amuse:
  2. I haven't ordered from them and this is probably a stupid question but here goes, its early in Jersey. I looked on their site and if you log on you are able to check on your order. Did you try that to see if one in pending? If you don't see one they open in a few hours and I add...waiting is a pain!
  3. you're giving the spy bag another chance?
  4. ^^^Apparently not, I just talked to bluefly and they gave me some BS about the system timing out and not being able to place the order:suspiciou Oh well, I guess I didnt NEED it lol.

    For some reason my orders never show up under history! Even the ones that do go through successfully.
  5. oh, thats a bummer.but things do happen for a reason, i guess.
  6. I've ordered from them and never had any problems. Sorry about your wonky order.:wacko:
  7. That's so weird, Noriko! I've actually had them keep stuff in my cart for weeks even though they say they only keep it in there for 24 hours.