Bluefly question????

  1. Hi Ladies

    I am desperate to buy a Chloe Bag from Bluefly.My question is does anyone know when do they go on 50% off sale or if Bluefly ever marks them down more than 20% off.I have been waiting for ages for the Chloe bags to go down further,but somehow Bluefly is not doing that.
    TIA for all you help Ladies.:smile:
  2. In my opinion and experience, Bluefly doesn't really discount much. Many times the retail price is slightly inflated, then marked down 20-30%. Occasionally, they will offer another 10-15% off. I have bought 2 bags from Bluefly in the past, the reason --they were less than full retail, and one was an almost impossible to find bag (my Chloe black patent Betty tote). Bottom line, they do offer somewhat of a discount, but not great. Better prices can be found at retailer sales and places such as NMLC, Off 5th and Nordstrom Rack. Guess it just depends on how badly we want the bag.:yes:
  3. I'd have to agree....only buy from bluefly if you are really desperate and can't find the bag anywhere else. There also also usually coupon codes for 10% off floating around.

    Which ones are you after?
  4. prodImage.jpg

    It's this one i am after,and i have no idea who would be able to
    ship this bag for me to Australia,when it goes on sale apart from Bluefly.:sad:
  5. Hi, sorry to invade, I'm usually in the Balenciaga forum. I have had great luck with Bluefly. 20% is not a huge discount, but if you can't find the bag marked down more than that, then it is a good deal. The deals & steals section of PF usually has some additional Bluefly codes (sometimes for an additional 10% off, free shipping, etc.) There is always an additional 10% code for first time Bluefly customers, you just need to find it. If I can find it for you, I will post it here. Bluefly has sales at different times: sometimes 10% off the entire site, sometimes 10% off a category of merchandise.
  6. Here are some codes that I found in the deals & steals section. I have not used them, I have copied them from other users posts:

    Here is one for 10% off.

    Here's another one:

    This is still working if you go back with that link at checkout it will still give another 10% OFF
    Quote: Originally Posted by shirleebee
    I got another 10% code from clicking on a banner:

    If that doesn't work, try this link:

    You can only use one code per purchase. Good luck!
  7. Thank you so much Chi for your help and shirleebee:tup:
  8. none of the codes are working:sad:
  9. you should check if bloomingdales at San Francisco has this bag on sale!! Ask for Josh or Robert.
  10. Hi Chi town Chanel! Welcome here! Thanks for helping and contributing. It's always great to get another eye on Chloe's. Love you handle btw! Good luck getting your purple Bay. Let us know if you bite.:p