Bluefly Purchase and Question :)

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  1. I finally ordered something from bluefly :biggrin: Really late last year I was tipped off that a saddle bag I had would go on sale, so against my better judgement I returned it and waited the month for the private sale to begin. Unfortunately it did not go on sale and I ended up just losing interest. However, yesterday after reading someone else's thread about bluefly I decided to go look...and there it was!~ The retail price was listed as $790 or something, but the retail that I paid was closer to $890 plus tax. So bluefly took their 20% off and I used the 10% off code I found, bringing it down to $580 including shipping and no tax! :nuts: I usually don't care for sales toooo much, but I'll feel really ripped off if something I have goes on sale so soon after I get it. Kind of glad I waited though, its a fabric saddle and it has a lot of white, so it'll probably get dirty really quickly.

    Here it is, had to use the picture of my old one since they already took it down from the bluefly site:


    Also had a question to those of you who have already purchased from bluefly. What is that new customer welcome kit all about? And when does your order start to show up in the history? I called bluefly customer service and it showed my order was placed, but it still has yet to show up on my account page.

    I am hoping that the bag is perfect when it gets here, I hope no one has had quality issues with them. This saddle is still full price at the boutiques here :lol:
  2. Wow, Sounds like you got a great deal!!!

    Congrats, I have only ordered clothing from them, no problems with it.
  3. ^^^Thanks! Have your orders showed up immediately? I still can't see mine in order history :sad:
  4. my girlfriends has shopped from them before and has been happy with their services and her purchase.
  5. That's totally awesome, I've seen your saddle collection on LJ and it's adorable, now you have another ! ;)

  6. yeah! I've been missing that saddle. I just really didn't want to feel ripped off if it went 40-50% off a month after I got it :lol:
  7. i love it. its a beautiful bag. enjoy it. i am glad you got a really good deal.
  8. That's great Noriko. I'm glad you waited too. They had a lot of the girly stuff today on bluefly. Did you go through They give you 8% back in a gift card (visa- I think). I bought something and am getting $86 back, although I haven't yet gotten the card.
  9. damn! I didnt know about that :lol: I'm missing out on like $46.
  10. That's a great find! I've only ordered clothing from them before. The first time you order, they'll send you a welcome kit which basically is just a bunch of papers with 10% (or 15%) off your next purchase. They're pretty good with their service. But yea, sometimes it takes time for them to update the status online. Don't worry :biggrin:

  11. What site are you taking about??
  12. Yea! Also if you like them, definitely put your email on their (bluefly) list. Occasionally they'll have private sales through link on your email (they range between 10%-20%)
  13. That bag is so pretty- please do one of your famous pictorials when you get it!
  14. Oh My Lord! That bag is so pretty, I remember wanting it when it came out. Pouting because I'm jealous... Pea-green with envy.
  15. Ah I mean

    There are several handbag communities, they're a pretty interesting read and definitely a place along with PF to learn more about purses, and admire everyone's lovely collection ! ;)