Bluefly & Overstock

  1. What's the deal with these places? I've had nothing but good experiences with Bluefly, but I was perusing the other day, and low and behold, there's a freakin' Chloe Tracy on there! Check out their designer handbags list:

    So here's my question: do these sites, or do they not carry authentic merchandise? I've ordered Kate Spade, Via Spiga, Dior and Armani from Bluefly without incident - I've always been very pleased. But someone recently posted a question about the authenticity of their stuff? Same with overstock...their webite is a little cheesy, and yet I'm looking at a Gucci Peggy bag right now! What gives? :confused1:
  2. Bluefly and Overstock are both legit sites. Stay FAR away from Overstock auctions though!
  3. From what I have been told they purchase stock from retailers. For Bluefly the problem is they do not verify it is authentic before they sell them.

    The are both legit retailers but neither are my favorite places to shop.

    With Bluefly I have had returns get "lost in the mail" with their shipping labels at Bluefly and though they did eventually credit me it took 3 months and many phone calls.

    Something I bought at Overstock went on sale the day after I ordered it and they would not honor their pricing policy and refund me the difference. They tried to tell me it wasn't on sale, then they had no record of me buying it etc. It wasn't a big price difference but I get annoyed when a retailer won't adhere to its policies.
  4. I have yet to have any challenges with either site. And I have ordered from both and received authentic items. I do know that there will be some that will say other wise.
  5. I got a fendi light blue bag from bluefly and prada shoes that were 100% authentic. I also just got a feragammo tote from that was 100% legit as well.
  6. As someone previously posted, I've heard the Bluefly doesn't check authenticity before they sell. I know last summer (?) there was some type of issue with them selling fake Balenciagas. But thats the only thing I've ever heard about them & I've never heard any complaints about Overstock.
  7. That puts my mind at rest, girls. Thank you. I just bought a Kate Spade Wynn and a BCBG MaxAria Lyon clutch - both are gorgeous and authentic - but, they didn't come with dustbags! Ugh!!
  8. I got a Prada frame bag from Overstock and it's authentic.
  9. Overstock does sell authentic bags!! :yes:
  10. I ordered d&g boots from overstock for 200 and they are fantastic!