Bluefly order

  1. I placed my first order from Bluefly on Wed for an item that I had bookmarked that came back in to stock. Ever since then the status has been "submitted to warehouse". Does it usually take this long to process? I've been reading the threads about all the cancellations from Saks & Bloomies and I'm wondering if mine is going to be canceled too. Any of you experiencing anything like this? Do you think I'll get my Choos?
  2. No, I think this is fairly normal. I've ordered before and had it "at warehouse" for several days before it shipped. I think Bluefly has a pretty good real time inventory system and they don't have the same cancellation issues as Bloomies, etc. So, good luck!
  3. Thanks! I feel better now - can't wait to get my shoes.
  4. they cancelled on me after 2 days, just fyi
  5. I've ordered couples of time from there, and there's no problem whatsoever. I used regular shipping, but somehow they upgraded to 2nd day shipping. So, I've got my item less than 1 week.. HTH
  6. I have ordered quite a bit and only had one cancellation. I did lose one of my 10% codes over that, but the rep told me if I call my next order in, they'll give me 10% off. A couple of weeks later, the item that was canceled surfaced again, and I got it the second time.
  7. They've canceled things on me a few times but more often than not, their inventory is pretty accurate on the site.