Bluefly order canceled

  1. Did anyone else have their order canceled because the item was out of stock? I just received an email from Bluefly today that my Muse was out of stock and my order was canceled. I'm really upset, because I ordered it on Sunday (7/22), and they just informed me now. Has this happened to any of your pending items?
  2. This happened to me last month during another sale--I bought the double sac and then it was cancelled a few days later. Annoying, to say the least.
  3. I just got an email saying that my downtown was out of stock and the was was cancelled. The odd thing is that I see that exact item still listed as available on line! I am very upset since I ordered mine on the 21st and they just informed me yesterday that shipement will be shipping out next week. I wonder if I should just place another order?? :mad:
  4. Crazy4purse, I don't see my Muse online right now, but the odd thing is that I have seen it listed between last Sunday and today. I sincerely hope Bluefly isn't cancelling our orders because we used a discount code - that would be unethical. Anyways, I'm very upset with their lack of communication and I don't think I'll be giving them any more of my business.
  5. glitterglo, I totally understand. I am so disappointed with bluefly but I just LOVE the downtown and I couldnt pass out on this great deal. I called the rep and had it placed on the phone. I used the 20% promo code and asked for free shipping. According to her, item will ship by next week but we will see.
  6. I don't know how true this is or not, but when I buy stuff on sale now (mostly thru Saks/Neimans and the like) I choose the rush shipping option and I've found that I am more likely to get what I want whereas people who have ordered even before me say that theirs was cancelled.

    I have no idea if the shipping choice is WHY my orders are rarely cancelled, but it's happened a lot less when I put a rush on it. Don't know if it's worth it to others to try, but I thought I'd mention it and let people experiment. : )
  7. I think you are absolutely right...I placed an order from Nordstrom a couple weeks to talking with the rep about shipping options. She told me that if a bag was low in stock, it was best to choose overnight or 2nd day because the purse would be picked/packed that exact day and readied for shipping, whereas regular 5-8 shipping day choice meant that it would not get picked packed for another couple of days, and if someone else called in an order or ordered online with rush shipping, they would get it first.
    I don't know how you ladies chose to ship, but I learned a lesson that day, and I did not know it before..
  8. bluefly is just shady sometimes. the fact that your order was placed nearly a week ago and that you're just now notified is plain wrong!
  9. I placed an order for a medium white muse last week and received an email from Bluefly this morning saying my order got canceled because it was out of stock :sad: I purchased from Bluefly so many times and it is the first time it happend to me. I want my white muse!:mad:
  10. I encourage you to email the CEO of Bluefly, and demand an explanation. I found out from reading the Balenciaga board that many of the ladies whose orders were canceled used discount codes, while the ones who didn't use codes received their orders. This practice is unfair, and unethical. Also, it doesn't make sense as to why the person who wrote earlier in this thread had an out of stock email when the bag was listed on the web site, and all she had to do was call and re-order. Just plain shady IMO.
  11. I used a discount code and am getting my bag and shoes tommorrow via DHL. I ordered the 25th, shipped the 26th getting monday the 30th. No problems what so ever. I bought on the day where everything was marked 10% by bluefly, then I used a 15% off code ontop of that. I dont think they are beling malicious and canceling orders on purpose..I think that they dont have the inventory right and people are placing duplicate orders for the same item and so who ever chose the faster shipping method and/or placed the order first got it. Sucks this happened to so many people but they are moving warehouses....

    ps. I got tributes pumps and a downtown bag.
  12. I used a discount code and got my ivory muse in 3 days. So, I don't think it is the code but, there seems to be a glitch in their inventory management system.
  13. Well I can understand if they had an issue with their system, but IMO they need to make it right and not just cancel orders. They should at least make an effort to backorder items for their customers!
  14. I do agree with that. You might need to take it to the next level for that. It's the case of the squeaky wheel getting the grease.
  15. I ordered a Medium Ivory Muse from Bluefly on 7/21 and just received a mail today stating my order has been canceled as the item currently out of stock. :mad: