Bluefly: opened my package only to find.......

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  1. :tdown:MICHAEL KORS tall fur lined winter BOOTS.....:cursing:

    I have been anticipating the arrival of my GH FB Part Time. I was SO excited when I was opening the box, at the same time wondering why it was so huge....:confused1:

    I am thinking :wtf: right now. The enclosed receipt states correctly that I paid for a Bbag, but why did they send me these fricking boots?????????/:cursing: (Ironically they are my size, go figure.)

    I sent Bluefly an email immediately since they are closed. I was very firm and I asked how to proceed and how FAST could they get my bag to me b/c I need it asap. ( LOL!)
    IF they say it is NOT available I will flip out on them. GEEZZZZZZ!

    Thanks for letting me vent. The real bummer was that I lost an audition I should have won yesterday due to a fluke instrument malfunction causing my sound to suck which rattled me then I sucked :crybaby: This was what I was looking for to be my little reward.

    Thanks again you all.......:heart:
  2. AWWWWWWW :sad: I'm sorry to hear about all that bad-ness......hopefully it was just a mistake and they'll send the FB GH part time right away, that bag is TDF

  3. Thanks very much, I couldn't believe it........ Fingers crossed that it indeed gets to me!
  4. Thats awful - I can imagine how frustrated you are feeling! How did that happen:wtf:

    You should insist they courier it over free of charge! let us know what they say!:smile:
  5. Wow that sucks!!! I placed an order on bluefly only to have them put a hold on my account but never ship the bag. I had to talk to 3 different people to have them release the money because they said the bag was no longer available. I asked if they could put me on a waitlist in case another became available but the best they could do was give me an insignificant credit. I hope they can do better for you, since that is an absolutely HORRIBLE mistake.
  6. Oh...that is a terrible mistake! I'm so sorry to hear that!

    Show them your disappointment and maybe they can offer you another discount if they do have the bbag you wanted. :yes:
  7. wow that sounds like a big mistake. I'm sure they will refund you but I hope your GH is still available. Crossing my fingers for you!
  8. OMG! thats terrible! What a mix up! OMG i would have hit the roof; especially because they have fur on aswell!:cursing: I hope it gets sorted out quickly!!! xx
  9. that is really horrible! Getting all worked up in receiving your order only to find out that they delivered the wrong thing???? You can vent all you want!
  10. They sent you boots?!!!!!!!!! WTF..... I d be so mad!! Hopefully they will still have the bag!!!
  11. I HATE when Bluefly does that! Same thing happened to me but with a wallet.
    They just canceled it and gave me a 10% off LIMITED TIME coupon. GR!!
  12. NOooooooooooooo so sorry ofor this, i hope they still have the bag.
  13. That really sucks:tdown: I hope you get your bag!
  14. Perhaps the person who ordered the boots got the bag ... if that's the case, then it will probably all get straightened out!!! :yes:

    What instrument do you play?
  15. Wow, how disappointing! It is really awful to get excited about the arrival of a much anticipated bag only to find out that it didn't actually arrive. I'm really sorry for you.