Bluefly Messenger - Bleh

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  1. I received my Sapin Messenger from and was not impressed. The leather was ok at best and it looked it had been a return since the handle was creased and the bag as "wrinkled" -- don't know how to explain it otherwise. The leather was also very dry and veiny......

    This just may have been my bag but it is being returned tomorrow......

    So I am out shipping but I am ok with that.....

    You live and you learn!
  2. Sorry to hear that. Better purchase next time :smile:
  3. ^^ awe, i'm sorry, but it was worth a try :girlsigh:

    p.s. i hope my "bluefly" courier's leather is okay :s
  4. Yeah, they really don't do the best packaging...and plus I think the reason why their items are discounted is because they are not in the most perfect condition.

    You'll find the right one soon, I just know it!
  5. Oh Clake, I'm sorry you didn't find one you liked. After all you have done for your grandmother, you deserve the perfect bag. :yes: Good luck on the next one.
  6. Awwww Clarke... just pool the money that you get until you have enough for your dream Weekender!
  7. keep focussed on the weekender! that's going to be "the ONE"!
  8. Aw next time you'll find something better!
  9. Aww sorry :sad: you will find something better soon :smile:
  10. Aww, I know how disappointing that can be:sad: ...hang in there, karma is waiting with a big fat reward for you for being such a sweet grandson!
  11. Which just goes to show you that the Weekender of your dreams is still coming to you. Hang in there!
  12. Keep trying till you get what you want. It's out there!!

    I wish you well,

  13. too bad! on the positive side, this means more money for something else!
  14. Yeah keep saving for that dream weekender!!! Your bag luck recently means a fab weekender is waiting for you around the corner!