Bluefly Luxury Loot

  1. Has anyone ever won anything from Bluefly's Luxury Loot? Just wondering:smile:
  2. free shipping and tons of extra bonus plays. This morning I got two LV trunks and I was hoping for a third but I lost!
  3. I've gotten free shipping, bonus plays and 10% OFF..

    Someone on another board I am a member of won an Hermes Scarf a few weeks ago.
  4. I got free shipping and 10% off
  5. Free shipping, a bonus play, and 10% off. Boo to bluefly, you would have expected at least one person out of all of the PF members to have won.
  6. Free shipping and bonus only :sad:
  7. Free shipping and 10% off
  8. I'm convinced that their contests are a crock of :censor: . I've never once heard of someone winning