Bluefly - lots of new bags - Spys, Bal GH, etc.

  1. WOW, amazing selection!
  2. There are some great buys! Kooba Jessie in black, bourbon and tan...40% off. A BBag, also. Thanks for posting.
  3. that is a great selection!! thanks for posting!!

    has anyone ordered a bag from them? I have heard good and bad things about them, some have received fake bags from them in the past... just wondering what everyone thinks.
  4. THANK YOU!! I have been lusting after the Furla Yolande tote and just grabbed the new croc/crochet one for 50% off (40% lsited discount plus new customer 10% discount). Thanks again. :yahoo:
  5. I received TWO (yes, TWO) fake Chloe bags from them in the past (about 6 months ago). If you do buy, make sure you get it authenticated before you take off the tags!
  6. Got a Chloe and a Fendi and they were 100% authentic. I would buy from them again!
  7. wrong palce!!! sorry...
  8. I guess only Bluefly and any individuals/companies who scammed them know for sure what happened. The explanation I've seen that makes the most sense is that some people bought real bags from Bluefly and fake bags elsewhere, then returned the fakes to Bluefly, which is why bags come with a secure tag now. Bags cannot be returned without a tag. I've bought high end bags before the tagging was instituted and after. All were authentic. In any case, if you suspect that you received a fake, the best approach seems to be to just return it. Those who notified Bluefly and made a big deal seemed to be treated with suspicion.