BlueFly LIES!!!

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  1. I have also found them to "inflate" the retail price. I think that very often it is not as great of a deal as they show it to be!
  2. They r liars
  3. REALLY??!!!!! I wasn't aware of this......haha figures...I am guilty of being duped then...
  4. I think it's hit or miss with bluefly. I always check the original price at the dept store first, before purchasing at bluefly. Sometimes they're retail price is higher, but sometimes, it's much lower.
  5. You guys are forgetting that a lot of what BF gets is from other markets besides the US, so when the dollar (say in Europe) is at a lower value against the euro, the retail value in would be different against the USD.

    Saying "Bluefly LIES" is simplifying things to say the very least.
  6. I just found a bag that is lower than retail - I agree with kiss_p & PP!
  7. I actually saw a pair of ankle booties on massive discount on BF from 1150 to 665! Booties are still in boutiques too!

  8. Here's the same wallet at NM (where you'd have to pay sales tax):

    Answer your question? ;)
  9. I totally agree with LV's the same with their Hermes stuff....just check with the stores or site first before you buy with BF.....