Bluefly Labor Day Sale

  1. Thanks, Bunkie!
  2. Bunkie, thanks for the update Too bad they they leave off a lot of the good stuff during the sales.
  3. i know people have had good experiences with bluefly, but i bought two fake chloe bags from them. if you buy make sure you get it authenticated before you take the tags off!
  4. Omg, that's horrific. How did that happen?
  5. I bought 2 BV wallets from bluefly a few months ago: an ebano continenal and a nero continental. The nero continental seemed fine and up to the same level quality as BV. However the ebano continental was horrid. The color was a bit off and the leather stiff and a bit plasticky. I'm not sure if it was a fake or if it was simply second grade. I opted to return them both and get a silver one from the BV boutique. I also bought a veneta from bluefly about a year ago and the quality was not up to par as well. I opted to return it.

    I think that there are authentic items from bluefly but sometimes the quality may not be the same. I do have to note I bought two pair of BV shoes from bluefly and they are authentic. With bags, one may have to be more careful of fakes/quality control issues. :tdown:
  6. That's horrible! I was thinking of ordering a YSL bag on bluefly, but now I think I'd better not. I don't stay in the US so the if the bag turns out to be fake, it will be very troublesome and costly for me to return it!
  7. i dont mean to scare anyone off but i had similiar experience with bluefly. i purchased a ball bag and when i compared it with the BVs that I bought in boutique and NM, there is a difference in the way the leather feels. shoes are great and authentic but you need to be careful with bags. i am sure they do sell authentic bags but i guess i was just paranoid.
  8. Update regarding bluefly BV bags: I purchased a large nero campana and a medium red veneta last week. I loved loved the nero leather. It's exactly the same as boutique quality. I tried really hard to make it work in front of the mirror but I think it's going back tomorrow because it's just too big for me. The price wasn't that great either around 1800 + tax. For the same price, I should just bite the bullet and order the small black campana for full price. My friend did order a small black campana a few months ago from bluefly and she said the quality was second grade: stiff plasticky leather. So I guess it all depends!

    As for the red medium veneta, it's a pretty red. I'm not sure if it's carmino. The leather didn't feel as soft as the campana initially but it is most likely authentic.

    Bluefly puts papertags now on bags for security which is great :tup: I'm trying to restrain myself and not keep every single bag I like :girlsigh: