Bluefly - just an idea...

  1. Ladies,

    I was reading the previous thread on Bluefly and how some PFers are desperately trying to get a refund after finding out the Balenciaga bag they purchased was a fake.

    Now, we know counterfeiting is punished by law. And i guess Blueflyi s not exactly a minor actor on the US retail scene. So i just thought, and I am asking your opinion about it, that Balenciaga should be informed of the situation.

    I know companies like Hermes will get their lawyers to exterminate any shop selling fake H bags. Maybe Balenciaga would do the same? Since in this case they really seem to swear the bags are authentic when they are not, and we are not talking about "designer-inspired bags", I think the mothership should at least be informed. Maybe that's been done already, so sorry if my post is not relevant.

    I wonder if it could give more weight to your complaints? :hrmm:
  2. I think we have all gotten our refunds from Bluefly (Becca is still waiting though) We have told Bluelfy & several of us, including me, have contacted Balenciaga. To date, nothing has happened. Hopefully something is going on behind the scenes that we don't know about. It's just really frustruating for everyone!:sad:
  3. I think some PFers have attempted to contact Balenciaga about the matter, but they say that the bags are NEVER supposed to be sold online anyway, so there is nothing they can do :sad:
  4. :noworry: Never mind... They also told me once that their bags are not supposed to be sold online... The Paris SAs also give very strict instructions as to NEVER buy online, so that reply makes sense.

  5. Hi Acegirl,
    Like Becca, I haven't gotten my refund yet for my counterfeit bag. Given that Sam's CLub was sued by Fendi last week I am surprised that Bluefly is not more concerned and responsive.
    Thanks for everyones ideas and support!
  6. I took the chance of ordering a Paddington last week with plans to quickly send it back if it isn't authentic. It has been more than a week and I haven't received the bag yet. The UPS tracking info indicates the billing info for the package was received but the package hasn't been picked up yet. When I called Bluefly they claim UPS has misplaced the package and they will investigate. I was also told I can't receive a refund until the investigation is complete which will take up to 14 days.

    If people are having problems receiving refunds, I am really tempted to call my CC company now and have them do a chargeback. They sound so sketchy!
  7. kind of similar to the whole bluefly/balenciaga issue is with fendi and samsclub (owned by walmart) Fendi is suing because the 'authentic' fendi's sold at sams club were purchased on the grey market and sams club keeps insisting they are authentic and keeps saying we can 'prove it'. ha:rant: :yucky: