Bluefly jackpot- look what I just found!!:)

  1. Hi guys:smile: I'm normally not a frequent poster in Prada, though I have several and love them... but I just have to share my new aquisition!! I got an e-mail from Bluefly this morning about exclusive access to new designer accessories, and there she was on the first page, a gorgeous ombre tote! I've been looking for an interesting, unique, yet still professional bag for a while, and I really hope this is it once it comes in the mail... Anyone have this bag, have any thoughts??
    Prada tote.jpg

    Here's the e-mail link if anyone wants to get in on the new shipment- I also saw an ombre clutch and some other fabulous Prada stuff! There's also a new 10% code on page 48 I think of the Bluefly thread in Deals & Steals...
  2. Oooh!!! I love that!! Congrats!!! Don't forget to post pics when you get her!!! I was on BF this a.m. too....LOTS & LOTS of great stuff!!!! Great choice!!
  3. ^ Thanks Emmy:smile: I don't see lots of posts about the ombre collection, so I was thinking no one liked it... but that's ok, I want to be a little different!:smile:
  4. Saw that this looks great! Be sure to post pictures when you get it!
  5. congrats!!
  6. What an adorble bag! I love it! Please post pictures when you received it. Congratulation!
  7. Thanks!:smile: Hope I didn't steal it out from under anyone! I'm in the habit now of putting items in my shopping bag right away when I see it on Bluefly, even if I'm not positive I'm going to buy it. That's happened to me many times before, where I'm looking at something and all of the sudden someone else has bought it. They seem to only have one of a lot of items. Can't wait to get this bag, and I will surely post pics!:smile:
  8. bella did you get it? Just saw it when I went to Bfly -- am stalking the patent so if anyone sees one - let me know? It's really hard to tell color from a lot of Bfly pics so can't wait to see modelling pics when you get it !!