Bluefly-"IT" Bags

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  1. Not sure if there's boycott on Bluefly after their last fiasco with authenticity issues but a ton of bags popped up this morning: Paddys, B-Bags, even a handful of Spys.

    Thought I'd mention for anyone that is still willing to buy from them.
  2. The Balenciagas are fake (again)...
  3. How about the Fendi Spys??? Do you think they are fake?
  4. What a shame :sad:
  5. The Fendi Spy's look fake.. especially the wisteria spy. The selection is overwhelming, they even have the Fendi B-bag. BUT everything has one or two things that look "off."

    Shame on Bluefly!
  6. hi pink.

    i think you're right. upon closer inspection, the color on the silver/gold spy seem too even. thanks.
  7. unbelievable.
  8. They have a Gucci that I'd love to get, but its even harder to tell fakes with Gucci. They've lost all their credibility.
  9. Hmmm, They have the baby white spy that is sold out everywhere including Fendi nationwide I know because I called. It makes me a weeee bit suspicious. Now, I'm not saying all their bags are fake I've never bought from them and I know there are some members who buy from bluefly and support the quality and authenticity of the bags. However, I am also relying on the expertise of the chicks on the forum who have said bluefly has sold fakes. The sad truth is there is a seed of doubt where there was none.
  10. I haven't been to website since last fake incident..guess what?? I block them too for sending me the current update for sale stuff. To me Bluefly is just History.
  11. How are they getting away with this? I've heard of many PF members who have sent in complaints... surely Chloe, Balenciaga, etc would be aware that Bluefly is not a registered seller, since they are selling confirmed fakes...?
  12. really hard to tell w/o inside pics. If you feel like waiting 60 days you can buy it and then tajke it to Gucci for authentication. If they say no back to Bluefly but I hear it takes upwards of 30 days for refund.

    From all of the zooms, the bag does look real though.
  13. Thanks! I guess you're right, only real way to authenticate is to bring it to Gucci. But isn't going to have a sale soon on the 6th? It's what other postings here have said.

    Also, I think Bluefly has only had issues with fakes for Balenciaga. I haven't heard anything about Gucci. What do you guys think?
  14. I really liked a Gucci that Bluefly had on sale, but I just don't want to worry about having a fake bag. Plus I don't think Gucci necessarily authenticates things, it would be up to the salesperson that you asked and maybe I'm lame but I don't feel comfortable going in there and asking.

    Besides Bluefly only has 20% on the bags, even if you use an extra 15% off coupon you can get a deal that good or better from Saks, Neimans, Bergdorf's, or Gucci. I bought two bags from Saks and one was originally $890, I got it for $480 before tax and shipping, another bag was $695, I got it for $375 before tax and shipping, so why go to Bluefly? (I used the SHOPMAY codes on both bags for an additional 10% off). I wouldn't even bother with Bluefly, Gucci is having a sale on-line on June 6th and many places already have Gucci bags on sale. It feels really good ordering from a place like Saks, knowing its real, and then getting a great deal.:amuse: