Bluefly, is it really a bargain?

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  1. I used to love stalking Bluefly to see what new bags came in, but I haven't really looked at them in a couple of months. I am finding more and more that you get much better deals on bags by shopping sales and/or using coupon codes. In fact, mid to lower end bags I see at shops like Ross and TJ Maxx for less than the Bluefly price(even when they have extra 20% off). Has anyone else given up on Bluefly?
  2. I check out bluefly much less than I used to. I've noticed they don't always have the best prices, and they also don't always have my size if I'm looking for clothes or shoes. BUT I did find an absolute dream item from them once, this item was something I would never have expected to see on sale, let alone a discount site! So, I am very pleased with them for that one! :yes:
  3. I've noticed that Bluefly's prices aren't all that great, especially on their designer shoes. It's better to shop seasonal sales at upscale department stores--that's how I find the best deals!

    I agree with you about TJMaxx and Marshall's. I found a Desmo bag (not a high end bag designer or anything, but nice brand) on clearance from $400 to $55 at TJMaxx! :smile:
  4. I heard that bluefly was just a website of overstock of designer items. i still check maybe twice or three times a day to see if anything new comes in. they sometimes even carry chanel, which is when i get REALLY excited!! what i really look for (after chanel) is gucci, they'll have the princy tote for $600 or so, but when i click on it, it'll be unavailable!

    i just bought a pair of gucci horsebit sunglasses for $150!!! can't beat that!!!
  5. I still check Bluefly out pretty much everday. My recent purchases were a large Gucci Signora hobo handbag. I saved about $390 off of what I would have paid at the boutique with tax. I also got a pair of Gucci sunglasses for $135 after using a $30 off coupon. I think it's still worth the time to check out there webside.
  6. I honestly never found anything there special enough to snatch up, which is a little disappointing. The prices seem at best on par with a sale at the more upscale department stores (that and how much fun is it to have it in hand RIGHT THEN yes?).
  7. I don't think they have any deals. The mark up their prices before their reductions, so it looks like you're getting a deal - but you're not. There's a BV bag I want that was 1,900. new - BF is selling the bag for $1,899. inc. their 30% off -so it's not really a deal at all.
  8. I think bluefly's good if you want an older style that may not be in the stores anymore. otherwise, i'd rather buy my stuff from major dept stores during f&f or something like that.
  9. I noticed the prices aren't all that on Bluefly either. I agree with those who say they've found better deals at department store sales and TJ Maxx. Also, the one time I ordered from them I ended up returning, because the sizing information they give on their website is useless. I was buying a pair of gloves for DBF and I measured his hand and ordered the corresponding size as per their instructions. The came and they were so small that I could wear them even though they were men's gloves! It also took me ages to get my money back.
  10. Agree with above, saw a Bottega Veneta bag I had been wanting that was "on sale" and I got it for less at the BV Boutique in Chicago, cuz was also on sale there.
  11. I'm signed up for their mailing list, so periodically get coupons and offers emailed to me. Those are pretty much the only times that I check out the website, but so far ~ I haven't found any outstanding deals on things I couldn't live without.
  12. The site makes it easy to search for exactly what you're looking for. But, I ordered something from them once and had to return it because it didn't fit, and I was annoyed by the fine print on their return policy, so I've been reluctant to buy ever since.
  13. Have you noticed that half of the items normally available on BlueFly have gone away due to the 10% off they are offering today?
  14. Figures!
  15. ^^Yes. They take the "good" (hot new sellers) items OFF their site when they do these promotions so that you don't get too good a deal on these bags since they know they can sell them for more.

    That alone is reason not to buy from them. They're like a re-sale boutique that you get no discount from.