Bluefly is going DOWN!!!

  1. I knew the bag was going to be fake but I was so curious just to what a "fake" b-bag looks like. Holy crap, it is one ugly bag. :sick: Now I know what you guys were talking about!! I took pics for you all to laugh over.

    I am sending these pictures alonge with others with a copy of the receipt, etc. to the BBB, as well as Elliot Spitzer, the Attorney General of NYS. I can not believe the audacity of Bluefly. I called and spoke to an older women at Bluefly. She was actually nice and agreed with me but there was not a supervisor available because of the holiday weekend.

    Any other places I can complain and sent proof to, please let me know. I will do whatever it takes to get them to stop selling fakes. :mad:
    fake1.JPG fake.JPG fake2.JPG fake4.JPG fake5.JPG
  2. oh dear! nice colour though! but oh dear... fake fake fake... good on ya Becca4277 for taking action with all the information!!! i cant believe BlueFly... i always see there adverts in mags!!!
  3. This is really strange:blink: . I always thought Bluefly to sell only authentics. It'll be interesting to see what happens.
  4. Hey, don't forget to email those pics to Balenicaga!
  5. They are the first on my list!!
  6. ;) Good girl! I'm DYING to see how this turns out. Thanks again for the great effort!
  7. Wow, I just checked Bluefly and there's an olive Classique available now. I'm so glad I found this forum, I would have never known the difference.

  8. becca -- you may want to try calling bluefly's corporate offices too. i had spoken with them but have not heard back in a couple weeks.
  9. OMG!:amazed: I can NOT believe this!!! Good for you, Becca! Take them down!!!:mad:
  10. I applaud you, Becca, for taking affirmative action. Keep us posted.
  11. what was really funny is that I had called the 800 number about a different return and mentioned these fake bags and the lady told me that they are authentic but they are different because some are made in the US and some in Italy.
  12. Do you know if your local TV stations have programs on exposing scams/lies by major corporations? I've seen some of those here. I am sure it'd be an interesting if not explosive story to tell - major online retailer exposed! Bluefly has had it's chance when the other forum members were trying to reach them and warm them about the fakes and what did they do?? At a minimum STOP putting those stupid bags back online, no, they continue to try to sell the fakes! They deserve to be exposed!
  13. That is a poster bag for bad fakes! There are so many things wrong with that! I am boycotting Bluefly...I will not even LOOK at their website anymore. You go girl!
  14. Balenciagas are not made in the U.S. They are different because some are made by Balenciaga and some ARE NOT! What a bunch of :censor:! And this is not the first time, either.
  15. :wacko: what is WRONG with them??

    seriously i am sure they have received THOUSANDS of emails about these fakes. I have emailed them 10-15 times myself, and I havent even bought one! i cant even beleive they arent even TRYING to sell only authentic items. sickening.