Bluefly is amazing!

  1. I've been signed up for Bluefly's emails for a while, and they are always sending coupons for 15% or 20% off. They've got some great bags and by the time you add the coupon, most are under $1k! But most are last season or before. By next year, the bags I like at Neiman's now, will probably be on Bluefly, but it's just so hard to wait when I want something now.........
  2. I actually got a bag from this season from bluefly!
  3. I got a jade Edith from Bluefly last week. It was the normal Bluefly 20% off, and then I used a 20% off coupon. It would have been an even better deal if I had remembered to go through my rebate program.
  4. I am also waiting for new bags on bluefly. So anxious!!!!