Bluefly Help!!!!!!

  1. I already have a thread about HYPE handbags, but I want to make sure that Bluefly is a reliable site to purchase them from. I know some people said they found HYPE at T.J.Maxx but I don't really like that store, usually the bags I find there are dirty (maybe thats just my T.J. Maxx) ANYWAYS...

    Is Bluefly a safe site?? Yes :tup: No :tdown:?? Lemme know ladies, you guys are the best there is!!!

    I hope people say yes, those bags are just to yummy to resist!!! :drool:
  2. I've ordered from Bluefly before and they're great. Fast shipping. No hassle return. I say go for it.
  3. I've bought many things from Bluefly, all legit, great deals, fast shipping, even to Canada.
  4. I guess most of their bags are authentic but still I wouldn't buy from them as they've sold fakes too. Look at post 8 on this thread to see a fake they sold to one fellow PF:er;

    If you read the whole thread till the end you can find links to other negative posts about them too, that fake paddington on post 8 wasn't the only one :sad:
  5. Ok so then what about Zappos??
  6. and that really sucks cuz there are some on bluefly that i love!!! :crybaby::sad:
  7. I heard that the problem with Bluefly was that customers were returning their legit purchases with fakes. The now have a tag that needs to stay on if it is returned. I just bought an authentic Thomas Wylde bag from them.
  8. Queen D that's good to know. I havent lately heard anything negative about them so propably the security tag has solved the problem. I'm just too curious so I wonder if they ever admitted they had troubles with fakes in the past, it would be interesting to know..?

    Oh and congrats for your thomas wylde bag! :flowers:
  9. Thanks, I'm very happy with it, it was less than half price.
  10. I ordered one Chloe paddy and one Prada Gauffre from bluefly recently, they are authentic and in excellent condition.
    I say go for it!
  11. Don't worry about buying a Hype bag from Bluefly. It will be okay. The fake problem with Bluefly only applied to a batch of Chloes and B-bags. Everything they have sold since has been real. Hype is not a commonly faked brand anyway. If you want the one on Bluefly, get it.