Bluefly has pink Ball Bag!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Isn't that the prettiest spring color? It makes me happy just looking at it!:love:
  2. Sooo pretty!
  3. I love that color!! Need more money.......
  4. oooh it's so pretty!
  5. I read some posts in other designer forums(Chloe and Balenciaga) saying that people had bought fake Chloe and Balenciaga handbags from Bluefly. Is anyone here ever bought BV from Bluefly who can share her experience? Thanks a lot.
  6. The color is soooooo beautiful. I'm very surprised to see it on bluefly though...

    Shushopn, thanks for sharing. =)
  7. Ohhh . . . SO pretty. This is the one I saw in the BV store and thought 'if I just had an extra couple thousand to throw around' . . . for me not practical right now but it is such a gorgeous bag. :smile:

  8. Ana the personal shopper (BV customer service) told me Bluefly isn't in their list of retailers, BUT members of the PF have successfully bought BV's from Bluefly, so until proven otherwise the consensus is that they have real ones.

    Of course there's the risk that someone will buy a real one and will return a fake one. But I think Bluefly now uses tags that must be kept on the bag if you want to return it, so that's additional security for you.

    Here is a thread on the subject:

    Hope this helps! :amuse:
  9. I hope it's an authentic bag and someone gets it. It's such a pretty color.
  10. Wow the color is sooo sweet!
  11. It is a beautiful bag- looks like somebody bought it. It's not available on Bluefly any longer.
  12. it's baaaaaack
  13. I swear... the people at BV really know what they're doing with all the pinks they're unleashing on us. They sure know how to make a girl swoon! :love:
  14. I wonder how they get it for cheaper at Bluefly....

    Good Price for a Ball Bag!