bluefly has new stock!!

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  1. Thanks Choo! I was looking at the Herbag on there all last night. :drool:
  2. They had a black Birkin but its no longer available. It was around $7000. What does a new one cost at Herme's?
  3. I decided not to look anymore after seeing some enamel bracelets lol!! I have enough...for now anyway....a 30 togo birkin in Boston 2 weeks ago was 6800 before tax....other leathers cost more. Can't believe they had a birkin on! I love the GP totes too...awww!!!
  4. JAPSTER, your hubby can wear this to match ur beaver purse charm!!!!

    You can have matching beavers!!!

    its a grey beaver tree print silk tie!!!
    beaver H tie.jpg
  5. Hey I got that in pink at H for my dh.
  6. OOOHHHH, me likey the pink!!! Take pics pls!!! :drool: :wtf:
  7. The black birkin is back up at Bluefly
  8. doesn't seem to be there now.
  9. does bluefly sell authenticate products, i read some of their feedback claiming it was fake
  10. Ha! At $7,560 the bolide is currently THE most expensive item available on Bluefly!
  11. it is pretty as well..
  12. Thanks Moviegirl~! I'm sure my dh would love to wear Beavers on his chest, he always needs the extra long ties though because he is very tall.
  13. I really like the enamel bracelets. Can't decide if I should get one. Anyone have one? Do you like it?
  14. i just got mine today and it is really gorgeous