BLUEFLY has chocolate Silverado doctor 4 $1384

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  1. That is the one that jLo is carrying in the other post!
  2. :amazed: it sure is!!
  3. :nuts:omg omg omg thank god its not the regular or i mightve click add to bag
  4. somebody needs to buy it! Plus in the marketplace someone posted some Bluefly codes: BLUEFLY15 for 15% off. Or FASHION32 and FASHION65 for 10% off $100+

    If I wasn't already waiting for my Edith, I would get it in a heartbeat!!! :sad2:
  5. ...its gone
  6. How did I miss this????? I've been on Bluefly all morning!
  7. Wow I didnt see this either, nice find!
  8. it's ba-ack! if i didn't already have brown bags coming out of my ears (every bag i've bought since joining this board has been brown except one!), i'd be all up on that. really gorgeous - i like the doctor silverados much more than the regular ones, if i wasn't po', i would have bought loganz's.