Bluefly has a great selection of Gucci this AM

  1. Bluefly has a great selection of Gucci this morning. I got a Wave Ivory Guccisimma Leather hobo for $764 with the SHOP337 20% discount :yahoo:
  2. Post a pic! Post a pic!

    Congratulations :jammin:
  3. Here she is...
  4. Congrats!!! Great deal!!!
  5. nice, congratulations:smile:
  6. Oh that's very nice! Congrats!

    They have some good ones there, I'm on a purse ban or my hubby will divorce me :push:
  7. I keep hitting refresh every few minutes and they keep adding new stuff.
  8. I wish they'd your Guccissima Princy Boston -- my dream bag!!!!!!!!! :drool: OK, dreaming on...:sleepy:
  9. They have it in Silver Guccissima for $627.20. So cheap!!! I paid WAY more than that.
  10. Their small princy hobo is sold out *sniff*

  11. Keep checking!!!! Things are known to appear and disappear all the time on their site.
  12. I was thinking about the silver one too, but, it's too trendy for me. Yours will last for many more seasons.
  13. Is the Wave Hobo in the white guccisimma leather still available in the stores? Thanks!
  14. that's adorable!!! enjoy...
  15. awww i wish i wasn't so broke! i just bought some new Coach sneakers and a bag. lols