Bluefly handbag sale, today only

  1. FYI, today all handbags and wallets are an extra 15% off at For first time customers use CODE:AFF15 and get an additional 15% off.

    I know there have been some problems w/ Bluefly lately, but thought I would share anyway. :biggrin:
  2. thatnks for posting but I wonder after all the bluefly fakes, who wold want to purcse anything from them?
  3. Yeah, thanks for the link:smile:
    From what i gather, it's only some items that seem to be fake, there have been plenty of satisfied customers over the past few months, but then, that is not really the point - their reputation has since been ruined, after all, how can you trust a company that sells fakes, be it just one, or thousands?:sad:
    I wouldn't trust them now, sadly.
  4. but can bluefly be trusted is the question?
  5. I have never purchased from bluefly, just saw this info on another board and thought I would post in case anyone was interested.

    I totally understand your concerns. I was shocked to find out they were selling fake bags, because I was under the impression they were quite reputable. I guess you never know. :sad:
  6. Don't you think this is a problem of people returning fake bags to Bluefly? The site really need to regulate returns- screen the items that are coming back in and not allow returns on items that are not authentic- right!?
  7. I haven't visited bluefly since that fakes incident...I don't think I want to deal with them..
  8. No--this was not the problem. PF members were monitoring Bluefly very carefully for b'bags and suddenly dozens appeared for sale one morning, all fake. Now, when the reappear, they ARE returns--from those buyers who recognized that they had fakes. But many apparently did not get returned yet because as they've come in, we've seen them relisted once again.
  9. thanks for the information