Bluefly Giveaway handbags...

  1. Am I the only one here who thinks most of those bags suck? :sick:

    I wish they'd do the Hermes giveaway again.
  2. I just want to win a free bag! lol

    I've failed so far.

    PS: I remember reading a thread earlier saying you don't necessarily win the bag that's on the game. Someone on PF won a bag and it was an MJ....but it wasn't the one she played in the game. So who knows what you really win! :blink:
  3. I'm not a big fan of the bags they are giving away but any free bag would be great!! You can always sell it...:smile:
  4. I like the Fendi Spy, that white Chanel one and the Balenciagas. Well at least this giveaway is better than that one from Shop magazine a couple months ago. It seemed like EVERY day they were giving away that gross "Worthington belted handbag." They shouldn't have said "a different bag everyday" if they gave the same one away all the time. Gah. Anyway, has anyone actually ever WON these things? I've only gotten the shipping discount, the 10% off and the bonus play. No bag. :sad:
  5. I'd take the Muse!
  6. ^^me too! I play like every day and hope for a bag lol
  7. I don't understand how BlueFly can sell all these designer things like Chanel and Hermes....when those companies aren't supposed to be authorized to online dealers???

    I know a lot of PF members say BlueFly is authentic...but it just confuses me!
  8. I like some of them. I don't want an Hermes, so I'm pretty satisfied w/ a few of the bags they're touting!
  9. Well, that would be great because I find myself picking the least ugly bag of the three.:lol:
  10. Very true.:biggrin:
  11. I have been playing daily too and some of the bags are OK. (not like i'll win anyway) lol
  12. I keep forgetting to play. Thanks for reminding me! LOL.
  13. Hell, i would love a silverado or the brown b-bag! Not to mention the fact that its FREE! Yipee! Of course, I never win those!

  14. hahahahhahahahah
  15. Every once in a while, I'll see a neutral colored Balenciaga City or some other bag I actually like and I think...that would be nice. But for the most part, :sick: . Some of them are a bit too flashy for me.