Bluefly files for bankruptcy...anyone else having issues?

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  1. Hi ladies, I hope no one else is experiencing issues with the Bluefly bankruptcy but I doubt I am the only one. I ordered a pair of Christian Louboutins on January 25th, which shipped on the 29th. I received them yesterday and they sent a size two sizes larger than what I ordered. Bluefly filed for bankruptcy on 2/1. Their website and phone are down and they have not responded to my email. I am planning on returning them and trying to dispute the card with my card issuer. It was extremely dishonest of them to sell and ship the shoes on the eve of bankruptcy in the first place, and then to send the wrong size is just terrible. Any one else experiencing problems?
  2. You could probably sue
  3. It's common for retailers to continue selling through a bankruptcy filing. They will even continue selling for months afterward as the court decides how their assets and debts will be reorganized.

    I would ship the shoes back with tracking and file a dispute ASP with your credit card company. You will get your money back from your credit card, but hold onto all the documentation especially the tracking on the return shipping. You should also snap a pic of the wrong-sized shoes.

    As much of a PIA as it is console yourself that you will get your money back. In retail bankruptcies it's the suppliers who get stiffed.
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  4. I had the same thing happen (different products). I have disputed with my credit card, who gave me reversed the charges pending any response from BlueFly. I set the items aside and if I don't hear back in 60 days or so, will assume I am in the clear and will not have to pay for them.
  5. Yes, unfortunately Bluefly got me too. I purchased 2 pairs of Gucci shoes and returned BEFORE the bankruptcy filing. All returns are done through their site and of course they have taken everything offline. I had all my tracking info that the approved return was received and signed for on 1/30, days before the filing. Of course, not a word from Bluefly. I won't let them get away with this!
  6. I hope you get your $$ back. I'm not surprised they filed bankruptcy, their prices were not competitive. It seems their prime was 2001-2008.
  7. I agree. During the early days of TPF, Bluefly was massively popular. To my estimation, their most relevant time fizzled out around 2012.

    Sad to see a giant come and go.
  8. I think this timeframe correlates with when they were caught selling fakes. There is a thread on tpf regarding them selling fake Balenciaga bags. Sometime after that, if you wanted to purchase a Balenciaga bag from them, it was noted as a "final sale." The CEO responded in the thread saying that there was no way someone could authenticate by pictures alone, LOL. She was highly indignant and certainly not apologetic. Personally, I never purchased anything from them again after that.
  9. They sold me a fake Chloe wallet. I was naive in thinking that Bluefly would never sell counterfeits and I didn't discover it until after the return period. I contacted them anyway but, after I jumped through all their hoops (sending dozens of pictures, talking to several different representatives and writing a long, detailed letter of explanation), they refused to refund me. I never purchased from them again. I can't help but wonder how many others have unwittingly received counterfeit goods from them.
  10. I knew something was awry when they began B2B fulfillment through RueLala.
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  11. Yes, I remember the fake Bal period, that was nuts!

    After a few of those posts, I never looked at their site again. When I saw this thread, my first thought was that fake Bal place went under, huh.
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