Bluefly Family

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  1. Here is a picture of my little bluefly family. The spy and the paddington came today and the broken:cry: spy hobo is in the picture as well.


    You can kind of see the missing pull tab in the photo. Overall, great bags though!:biggrin:
  2. I really like your stuff. Not to change the subject, but what us bluefly exactly?
  3. ^ It's where she got the bags.
  4. Great bags...i wish i could be that lucky with getting the bags i want through bluefly...
  5. Gorgeous! I have my eye on a Dior messenger and duffle. If you don't mind me asking, how did your spy hobo break? Can't u get it fixed at a Fendi boutique?

    to answer your ?, purselova, is a online discount designer source that is particularly famous for having bags no else is selling on the cheap. Everything on bluefly is at least 20% off, and they stock really hard to find brands like Chanel, Chloe, Balenciaga, etc.
    Long winded but I hope it helps.
  6. Noriko's spy curse strikes again !! But they're really cute, the non hurt bags I mean ! ;) I'm really liking the (normal) spy !
  7. gorgeous bags! lucky you ^^
  8. Noriko - you got some great bags there! Enjoy them!!
  9. Enjoy and Congrats!
  10. Beautiful bags. Congrats!
  11. wow!! so are you going to keep the ones you got today? winners?b
  12. Yay, for the green paddy! & spy (unbroken).
  13. I like the green chloe! What happened to the hobo though? Was it damaged during shipping?
  14. All of those look FAB!

    I've been browsing Bluefly for years...but have never once bought anything. Maybe now it's time!!:amuse:
  15. Yes, except the broken hobo :sad: For some reason though, this spy seems smaller than my last :lol:

    It arrived with the zipper pull detached :sad: