Bluefly Family


Sep 13, 2005
Here is a picture of my little bluefly family. The spy and the paddington came today and the broken:cry: spy hobo is in the picture as well.


You can kind of see the missing pull tab in the photo. Overall, great bags though!:biggrin:
Gorgeous! I have my eye on a Dior messenger and duffle. If you don't mind me asking, how did your spy hobo break? Can't u get it fixed at a Fendi boutique?

to answer your ?, purselova, is a online discount designer source that is particularly famous for having bags no else is selling on the cheap. Everything on bluefly is at least 20% off, and they stock really hard to find brands like Chanel, Chloe, Balenciaga, etc.
Long winded but I hope it helps.
fayden said:
wow!! so are you going to keep the ones you got today? winners?b

Yes, except the broken hobo :sad: For some reason though, this spy seems smaller than my last :lol:

Munchkyn said:
I like the green chloe! What happened to the hobo though? Was it damaged during shipping?

It arrived with the zipper pull detached :sad: