Bluefly Fake Mustard City on eBay

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  1. Just wanted to warn you guys- although it doesnt have a BIN so there wont be any of those AKK moments!

    i contacted the seller about it. especially since the seller lists the reasons why it is real, whilst forgetting some MAJOR incongruencies.

    (bought from bluefly)
    (mustard is from 2003, not 2005)
    (brass hardware when it should be silver)

    and selling it for WELL over bluefly's retail as well.
  2. I just emailed her too...
  3. wow, good job girls, thanks for keeping the rest of us safe!!!
  4. Yes, as aaallabama stated, thank you so much for the heads up! This is really getting outta hand....
  5. Thanks for the heads up, hope the seller does the right thing and pulls
  6. I didn\'t know that bluefly sold fakes? Thanks for the info.
  7. She ended the auction, good girl!:biggrin: I hope she packs that thing up & returns it ASAP so she can get her $$ back. Preferably with a little love note to Bluefly that they sold her a fake bag!
  8. good! i'm glad she ended the auction (although she never emailed me back...) i would hate for the bluefly thievery to spread any farther!
  9. I am new and sorry for the repeat question but is Bluefly not safe at all to buy from?
  10. ^^ Use the 'search this forum' button near the top of the page. Type in Bluefly, and you'll get the threads where we've discussed it before. Its a very long story, unfortunately.
  11. she didn't email me back either. She is probably just as confused as everyone else that doesn't know about the Bluefly issue but at least she ended it. That shows good & honest character!
  12. that it does! she's probably a good seller- bluefly is really f-ing things up... i wish it was real! i'd kill for a mustard city! (well not kill, bu maybe maim... :lol: )
  13. Arrgghh ... I feel kind of bad for those folks who didn't realize that they bought a fake from Bluefly, and might now have buyer's remorse ... so, they thought "well, I can sell it on eBay ..."!

    I hope that Bluefly pays dearly for their actions ...
  14. Bluefly has to be feeling the heat. Peter from corporate called me about a half hour ago to see if UPS came to get the bag yet. When I said no, he freaked out on me!
  15. He was mad at YOU?