Bluefly extra 25% off Saturday and Sunday only

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  1. Thanks for posting!! :smile:
  2. Thanks. Great deal.
  3. I'm clicking on the link but its not applying the extra 25%off, is there a code that can be used, or can anyone tell me if its working for them or what I'm doing wrong? Thanks :sad:
  4. [​IMG] Re: Anyone ever have problems returning at bluefly?
    After they illegally sold me fake merchandise, Bluefly processed my return and credited my card very quickly. :Push:

    I would never buy from them again. This is copied from another strand regarding shopping experiences at Bluefly.

    Just a head's up that there is a whole thread about people's experiences with shopping at Bluefly-from fakes sold to not being able to get your money back in a timely manner. Check back two days and read them.:excl:
  5. Fakes from Bluefly? I had no idea. I shop there all the time. I've never gotten a fake that I'm aware of. What fake items have you received? Purses? Clothing?
  6. the discount is already reflected in the price.
  7. Are fakes with particular brands at Bluefly or have there been problems with fakes overall?
  8. ^ Balenciaga + Chloé handbags I know for sure... can't remmber if there were other things :Push:
  9. Their Fendi and Gucci are real though. I bought them before from BF.
  10. I bought a kate spade bag there and it was authentic. I never heard of bluefly selling fake stuff though. Is this recent?
  11. I have heard of the fake situation, especially Balenciags... but I bought 2 boobie's this summer & a Chloe Paddington last week & they are all authentic. I would advise anyone to check their purchases carefully & know what you buying. I've never (knock wood) gotten anything bogus from bluefly and they do have a 3 month return policy which I have used many, many times.