Bluefly - extra 15% off handbags today

  1. If anyone is interested in some of the non-moto Bbag styles, Bluefly is having 15% off all handbags today and they have some whistle,hook, matelasse, etc.
  2. Wow...all the whistle, hook & matelasse bags are gone! Did Bluefly mark them down more than they already were (in addition to the 15%)? Just wondering since it seems like those bags had been hanging around for MONTHS (even through other handbag sale events).
  3. The Matelasse bags on were cheaper! Heck, even the Whistle bags marked down at Barneys NY were cheaper than Bluefly! I don't find them to be that much of a bargain ...
  4. I agree. I see the whistle bags marked down at NM and Barneys NY and it is cheaper than @ Bluefly.
  5. I know - that's why I'm surprised they're all gone! I'm wondering if Bluefly purged them to some other discount retailer since they didn't sell for so long...
  6. I have noticed that on extra 15% off days, certain items disappear off Bluefly only to reappear the next day. I don't understand why Bluefly doesn't more aggressively mark down stuff that's not moving. They have bottom of the barrel bags (other brands) in their clearance section with still relatively anemic discounts long after Neiman's has sold them out at end of season 65% discounts.