Bluefly & Ebay? Whats the deal?

  1. I was just searching for bottega veneta on eBay, and you know how down at the bottom of the auction listings there is usually more items that are listed in eBay stores or international sellers etc. Well today there are listings for bluefly! When you click on it you are sent to bluefly's website via eBay. Does ebay own bluefly now or something? I have never seen ebay sell items from another retailer before.
  2. Lots of retailers sell through ebay or advertise on ebay.
  3. Sometimes I wonder if they are trying to show what online sites are selling the same purse for to try to get you to bid. Just a thought...
  4. I agree, it's just advertising. One time I was looking for a LAMB bag and there was a link at the bottom that took me to LAMB on Nordstrom's website. I know Ebay doesn't own Nordstrom! lol
  5. It is a form of advertising, but it is also designed to take you away from ebay and to a site that this product endorses For example Bogetta Veneta does not want their product on Ebay, they can't avoid it but they can try to steer you away. Ebay lessens the value of products for companies by offering lower prices. I know this because my brother has a skin care line and he tries very hard to keep it off Ebay. He wants it only available at his chosen venues. In fact he keeps most of his product off ebay. And yes he does pay for a link to his website at the bottom of the search results so people would go there instead. Ebay is great for buyers but lousy for retailers. What incentive do you have to shop at saks for a $150.00 item when you can get it on Ebay fir $45.00?