BlueFly delivery MY FIRST RM

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  1. Okay , It is really big for MAM , but I love it!! I really like the color scheme. I think I just have to try and find new things to wear it with. I am officiallly a RM owner.:yahoo:I am little taken aback though as to some of the areas of the bag, like the threading. But, I figure its Bluefly, and for the price its no biggee. I LOVE IT!!
  2. oops no pics, let me try again
  3. Ok tell me what you think

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  4. Very nice bag! It would go with just about everything!

    Don't you love the lining? Both of my Morning After's have it.
  5. ok here is a pic of the bottom of the bag too
  6. YES I love the lining. I think I am going to wear it today. I am waiting for my chameleon to get here in the mail.
    I just cant wait to use it though.
    I dont see anyone wearing a RM bag anywhere around here. So, I will feel special.
  7. I hope that Bluefly puts that bag back up sometime in the future. Good find! The color combo is really pretty.
  8. Nice bag! I think it is versatile w/ the colors. I like that lining a lot as well!
  9. I really like it and you will bea abe to wear it with so much!
  10. Congrats!!! I LOVE the fleur de lis lining! It's my favourit of all the RM bags.
  11. congrats! the bag is beautiful ali!
  12. Congrats! I love that color combo. Enjoy carrying your first RM. Good choice!
  13. Gorgeous bag alistar! :heart:
  14. Thanks girls!!! NOW IM HOOKED!!!!
  15. Congrats! love it :okay: