Bluefly Damaged Goods - Please Help

  1. I did a search and saw that Bluefly issues have been posted here so I hope it's OK to post this here and you ladies might be able to help me......

    Bluefly had a sale on Hermes cadenas so I ordered 2. They arrived was perfect (yippee!) but the other had a broken spring and won't open and must be returned. There's no instant chat today so I called and stayed on the line for over 1/2 hour while they played hideous music giving me a severe headache matching the one I got seeing the damaged goods, sigh.

    I've read about the good, bad....well maybe not ugly....Bluefly purchases from other members in the past. Yet, I thought I'd take a shot as their prices were good on that sale.

    OK, here's the issue: I obviously need to return the damaged Hermes cadena and would like them to replace it with the same one still on their website. Naturally, I want the replacement in working condition and at the same sale price. Seems reasonable to me.

    But, I can't get these people on the phone!!!!! Do they turn it off on the weekend??? Does it ever work?????? Are they dicey??????

    Would they replace the damaged Hermes cadena with one that's guaranteed to work at the same sale price?????? many times does one want to do a return and have to shlep to the post office if the vendor sends out damaged goods half the time?????

    So, the bottom line is: how do I deal with them? Would so appreciate anybody with experience, savvy or common sense counseling me on what to do.

    Just trying to stay calm and it's not easy.......
  2. I'm sorry you received the broken item.
    I stopped shopping there and asked them to delete my account, after I personally had bad experience with them a few times and have read their fake Bal and Gucci issues on the forum last year. It doesn't surprise me they still sell crappy items!

    I just read a thread about them in general shopping forum.
    It seems receiveing the refund is a pain in the neck. Please make lots of noises to recieve your refund.

    If you can't make sure about the other bag's condition, please don't jump to place an order, even if the price is great. It's quite high possibility you will recieve an another damaged item again. That means you will have an another pain in the neck refund process!

    I remember I called them on weekend, when I had the problem with them. I guess they don't have many people to take a call. I hope you can talk to a customer support person soon. Good luck!:smile:
  3. Thank you so much, LoveM&S, for your insight!

    Thanks for the link which I will check out after I make dinner for my hungry husband who's lurking now and preventing me from pursuing this matter at the moment. Gads!

    No, it's not a's a charm that goes on a bag. But the issue remains the same....damaged goods!

    Did you get anybody on the phone when you called on the weekend????? All I got for a half hour was horrific music designed to make the customer hand up!
  4. Oooooooops, I meant hang up. Guess I'm so distressed I can't type properly.
  5. good luck with your return....
  6. Thanks but how do I get a "live" person at this place?
  7. I'd try to cool off over the weekend and try again on Monday morning at the beginning of business hours. I've heard Bluefly doesn't have great phone support and next to none during non-business hours, but every time I've had to make a return, it's been smooth sailing. I wouldn't worry so much- they're not going to stick you with a damaged product and I'm hopeful that they'll do a straight exchange for a working item. Good luck!
  8. In my experience, Bluefly has been great when dealing with exchanges and price adjustments. In the past when I have emailed them during non-business hours they have always replied within one to two business days.

    Per the website...
    Customer Service Hours:
    Mon - Fri: 8am - 9pm EST
    Saturday: 10am - 6pm EST
    Sunday: 12noon - 6pm EST

    Returns are a different story. Once they receive the item, they wait and refund you late on the 10th business day. I once had to file a PayPal dispute to get my refund (Bluefly claimed they had already refunded my money) but it was handled quickly once I provided the tracking number of my return.
  9. Oops, I'm not familiar with H at all and assumed it was a bag.:lol: You know it's the purse forum here!

    I typically call a customer service the first in the morning. I live in NY and it's easier to call a customer service earlier time. I had to call computer related customer services a lot in the past. I learned I should call an hour that the least people call to them - like 7 in the morning on Monday kind. I tried to avoid to call them on weekend. Otherwise it's a long wait. I hope you can talk to someone soon!:smile:
  10. LoveM&S.....great advice to call them very early Monday morning before the crush!

    Cathead87.....thanks for telling me they are good at exchanges and price adjustments. I just want the same item for the same sale price and, as I said, I think that's reasonable.

    AJ1025....glad to hear their returns are not horrific. Anyway, I used my AMEX on Paypal so I know I'm covered in the long run.

    What a shame, though, this company sends out damaged goods. Frankly, I suspect the damaged one was a return they failed to check and just sent to the next unsuspecting customer. The exact opposite of Amazon!
  11. I always get someone on the phone during reasonable business hours.
  12. Guess I'll just have to be patient and wait until Monday.
  13. I just read that entire Bluefly thread you directed me to LoveM&S and thank you so much for pointing it out. Sorry, I had a bonsai class this morning and just got to it. Yikes, guess I better steel myself for the joy of the Bluefly return tomorrow, sigh.