Bluefly Customer Service

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  1. WEll I must say I'm impressed. I ordered a lg Coral Bulga Butterfly from Bluefly a few days ago, that was $364 on sale and I had a $30 off code. Over the weekend I saw the additional 20% sale, so of course I was upset and emailed Bluefly CS. After I reread the sale I found that it only applied to certain handbags on sale. So fo course I figured I wouldn't even get a reply. Imagine my surprise this am when Sonia from CS emailed me, explained the sale, but told me she would credit my charge 10% (using the 10% off sale today ) so it brought it down another $36...boy how nice. I'm impressed! $298 isn't bad at all :yahoo:
  2. Wow! That's so great. It's always nice to hear a good CS story for a change. Congrats on the bag. :tup: Enjoy it!
  3. wow- that really is awesome!! I just love bluefly- they have great cs and they always have something that is grabbing my attention.
  4. I've had a few problems with them recently. I ordered a bikini and only received the bottom, but every time, they've been great. They followed and called me and kept me updated. Glad they gave you a price adjustment :smile:
  5. You know, mistakes will happen but it's good to know that they'll work so hard to make it right. I'm impressed.
    I'll start watching for their sales now.
  6. I haven't dealt with Bluefly often, but when I have, their CS has been exemplary. Love them!