Bluefly customer service

  1. Ok -- so you all know how excited I am about my Prada bag -- I probably mentioned there were some scratches on the plate where the handle attaches -- as if someone messed up when they took off the covering. I called Bluefly and they said they'd have someone call me. I'm busy -- I'm being patient but today -- 3 days later, I called again and said WHAT's UP? I'm still waiting for a supervisor to call back.

    I'll let you all know how this goes but I have to say -- I've gotten 3 bags from Bluefly in 6 months. One went back as there was a mark on it (white Prada for 1200), one I kept as it was fine (my gauffre satchel), now I've got this one with the scratches. They really are worse than what would 'just happen' and right on the front, and the longer Bluefly makes me wait, the more I'm ready to challenge the charge, as I don't like it that it's going to hit my credit card and I haven't even decided to keep it yet.

    So -- I take it you'd all keep it? Can you tell from this picture? I'm more upset that they can't get a supervisor to make a decision on a further discount in 3 days on a purchase this big -- what happened to their customer service?
  2. Good Luck on getting a discount for more than $20.00. That's what was offered to me on my SPY bag today. I did not accept the $20.00, because it would make the sales final.
  3. Here's another picture
  4. jenskar - First off, beaaaauutiful bag!!! I also got a glace zipper shoulder bag from them in the same color scheme. Mine arrived a few days ago and it came in tip top shape. I have no complaints. I'm sorry you're not completly satisfied:sad:.

    I would defintely push to speak w/ a it's just the principle of the matter. Honestly though, I love the bag and in the first pic, I couldn't see any scratches until you blew it up. I think that would come with normal wear/tear, don't you such as accidentally brushing by something from time to time, KWIM?

    It wouldn't bother me that much but if you're still iffy, send it back. I just wonder if you'll ever find them again and at a great price...:shrugs:

    Keep us posted on what bf's cs says IF they ever get back to you!!!! Fingers crossed!
  5. Hi Jenstar,
    I am sorry about your bad experience. The scratches is quite obvious.......... probably only when you look close up. :confused1: I also ordered a Prada wallet from Bluefly. I hope they won't send me a scratch up item. Will post pic when I receive it.
  6. I had a bad experience with Bluefly over a scratched up purse back a couple years back. They offered to take the bag back and offered 10% discount on my next purchase.

    That was then. I don't think that bluefly treasures its repeat customers much. Their focus seems to be on getting new customers. The promo codes floating around are always geared towards new customers.

    They use to send lots of offers through the mails like discounts but it's rare now.

    I hope you think very carefully about your purse. If you do send it back, somebody may snatch it up. :sad: It's a hard choice and I'm sorry that you have to experience it.

    Please let us know how this turns out!
  7. Thanks everyone. Had a long talk with BF today. They tried to just do a small repair credit and I explained how it was in the metal, a repair wasn't really possible and it would probably just come back from the next person too because it wasn't the kind of scratches that would normally build up from use. So right now, I have another 10% off BUT that could be overturned so I have to check in 3 days. I agree with you Minette -- I don't think I'll find it again -- I just hope a super supervisor doesn't overturn what this gal did this afternoon for me. Tag's staying on for a bit longer.
    I had no idea I could be such a little fuss budget !!! Yikes, it's embarrassing.
  8. You have every right to talk to BF about your purchase. No need to feel embarrassed. I know people who would say:"Forget it" but hey, they are the ones who have to live with less than perfect service/purses/etc.

    I'm glad you followed up with this. 10% is really nothing for BF if they want to retain you as a customer. If I'm the manager, I'll give you 10% off and heartfelt apologies and maybe another 10% off your next purchase!

    I still refuse to buy from a certain clothing store, name starts with B, ends with E and repeats because the sales clerk treated my DH very rudely. Retailers are in the service business, after all!

    Keep us posted!
  9. ack -- Alouette -- sorry -- I meant you :smile: got my prada 'ettes' mixed up :smile:
  10. well what finally happened? did they over turn it or no? the bag is gorgeous and i wouldnt let it go. you got a steal, right? and even though the bag wasnt in THE BEST CONDITION, i dont think the scratches are something to go crazy over, if lets say they dont have your model/color.