BlueFly Contest

  1. OK, so I just played the bluefly contest a couple times.... not sure what they were calling it, but I didn't win.

    I am always curious to know who wins the contests.

    They have one where you can enter daily and answer questions to gain points... and another that is pure luck for your chance to win a closet of cashmere for him & her! I sooooo want that!
  2. oh yah, each time you play you will get a promotion code, mostly 10% off I think.
  3. i play! but i've never won anything, except a promo code ONCE.
  4. What Bluefly contest?
  5. I never win those bluefly contests.
  6. I never win but have gotten two 10% off codes. I would love to know if anyone has won??!
  7. I was playing for over 2 weeks and only got 1 promo code. This is their worst contest yet in my opinion.
  8. I have played every day from the beginning and have received only 1 promo code for 10% off -- this is really stupid in my opinion because of the following:

    1) Its the same questions over and over again -- so all folks are doing is going to the bottom questions and trying to rack up points.

    2) The daily prizes are not gender neutral -- as a guy (who is gay) I dont need or want a closet full of sexy under garmets. So that totally doesn't make me want to play every day.....

    3) With so few 10% off coupons floating around, its less of an incentive to pass it along to friends since you know all you are doing is passing your friend "junk"
  9. To make things worse, I tried using the 10% off coupon and it doesn't work!!! The code with the email said valid for 2 wks and when I tried to use it before the expiration date, it's not accepted! I had to call CS and talk to 3 people before they begrudgingly gave it to me retroactively. And I had the email as proof too!