1. ive heard they sell only authentic bags but just wonder if u ladies could clarift that b4 i purchase my fendi?

    many thanks
  2. Dont Do It! They Def Have Had A Major Problem With Fakes Lately !! There Are Tons Of Threads About It I Am Going To Try And Find The Links
    But Dont Do It!
  3. oh ok im sooooooo glad i came here before i clicked 'purchase now'
  4. The Bottega Venetas from Bluefly have been authentic. I don't know about other bags. They now put a security tag on their items so scammers can't return a fake and keep a real bag.
  5. has anyone had any experiences with the fendis on here?

    i want my camera bag sooooooooo much and cant find it o/l anywhere else that delivers 2 the uk
  6. I bought a fendi bag from them several years ago, and a Dolce and Gabbana bag from them last fall and they were both authentic.

    All the complaints on this forum seem to be around a batch of Balenciagas from last summer and a batch of Chloes from this fall.

    I still use the fendi and the D and G bag I bought from them. Bluefly has some good deals if you use extra coupons and you buy with caution and have the bags authenticated.
  7. I know they were reputable at one time... just remember when companies take returns, they do put themselves at risk of receiving fake goods back in stock. I personally would not buy from them at this stage until they sort out any quality control issues they seem to be experiencing. There have been more negative them positive comments of a late.
  8. That's probably because it's always easier for people to believe the worst than to believe those of us that love Bluefly, shop there regularly and have never had a problem with either the merchandise or the customer service. I've had far better experiences with Bluefly than with the great and wonderful BG and NM. And it's also probably because those of us that love Bluefly are taking advantage of people's "fakes phobias" and spend our time snapping up all the goodies that the naysayers are losing out on.:graucho:

    There is no risk ordering from Bluefly because they have a 90 day return policy. Again, some people have complained about having trouble with returns, but in one case the person complaining had cut off the security tag, sent it back and was refused a refund. HELLO??? The tag clearly states "You cut it, you bought it."

    I've also noticed it's the same people posting the negative comments over and over and over.....:sleepy:

    helpl!!! slush: That "rip off report" is one single person's experience. Checking the Better Business Bureau gives a more reliable and accurate information about Bluefly.

    Finally, NO merchant is perfect. If Bluefly was as devious as they are made out to be on this forum, they'd have been shut down by the authorities by now.
  9. As far as I'm aware bluefly don't ship directly to the UK. It gets all complex and expensive with freight forwarding.

  10. I think you give the authorities too much credit… Fake bags are being sold in plain sight every day, and very little has been done to address that. Also, Amazon openly sells fakes and they’re still going strong.
    Although many people have had good experiences with Bluefly, it doesn’t change the fact that other people have been sold fakes, plus they had to pay shipping both ways. I just think Bluefly is awful for not taking responsibility for the fakes they have sold. Even if it was just 1 person out of 1000, they still SOLD FAKES.
    I’ve never been scammed by Bluefly, but hearing people’s accounts of how bad their customer service is (with regard to fake bag complaints), it’s kind of a turn-off.
    Also, does anyone know how they’re able to sell current-season bags for 20% or more less than boutiques?

  11. There was a thread recently called something like "DO NOT BUY FROM BLUEFLY" in the deals forum.

    The issue with Bluefly is they buy from resellers and don't go through much (if any) of an authentication process. I have heard of many fakes being sold as a result. They also sell authentic bags. It just depends on the reseller they bought the bag from.

    While they have a good return policy, keep in mind they also take a long time for returns in case you receive a fake one. I usually have to wait at least 30 days but I had one that went 2 months.
  12. If you really want the bag, go ahead and order it. You could always post pics in the Fendi forum. One of the Fendi gals over there could tell if it's real or not. If it's not real or you don't like it as much as you thought, you could always return it.
    The fake problem that Bluefly had only involved batches of Balenciagas and Chloes. I haven't heard of anything else they've sold turning out to be fake.
  13. I have bought many items from Bluefly and I have never had a problem. As far as bags go, I've purchased Fendi and Prada and they were fine.