is it safe to purchase Fendi from them

  1. Hello:smile:
    I recently fell inlove with the fendi spy bag. I saw some nice ones on Bluefly for great prices. Is bluefly legit. I'm scared to purchase from them since i heard things...the prices are good would it be because some of the bags are older styles?

    a few links
  2. please either do a search (as this has been discussed ad nauseum) or post your question in the "authenticate this" thread -- thanks!

  3. i did a search. i always do b4 i post a question places. mixed respnses about bluefly anothin pertaining to my specific question.
    . oh well just forget it. thanks
  4. I haven't looked at them yet but thank u very much. oh and I enjoyed being treated like a 5 yr old asking mommy for mcdonalds while she shops.
    I see this was my warning. no more pesky questions
    Thank u again.
  5. oh, come on. the first response did not treat you as a 5 yo. i saw that you were new, and thought maybe you did not know that you could do a search. i know that we have had many discussions about bluefly, so you would get more info just by doing a search. further, authenticity questions are supposed to be asked in the "authenticate this" thread, because otherwise the entire subforum would be bogged down with these questions, which is why such threads are closed when misplaced. i truly was trying to help you.

    in my second response, you said that you *did* do a search, and that there aren't any threads that answer your question. i'm sorry, but i don't really enjoy doing other peoples' legwork for them, but i did it for you. i found two threads that answer your exact question, and i tried to help you out by posting the links for you. i'll be sure not to go out of my way for you again.

  6. I don't want to go back & forth with u. I thanked you profusely for your help even though u seem to be bothered by it and let me know it.
    I wasn't asking for authenticity of a bag. I asked if it was okay to purchase from bluefly, then I asked if the styes in the links I posted were older style fendi's. I'm totally new to Fendi.
    I'm a Gucci & Kooba gal.I'm even sorry I asked. I serously wish I would have stayed in lurk mode.
    but again thank u for your legwork.
  7. to answer the rest of your question, bluefly seems to get many of the bags they stock contemporaneously with when the dept get the same line. the denim bag was from SS 07. hard to say when the cognac bag is from, because cognac is a permanent color. so, the low prices are not due to the bags being older seasons necessarily.

    i guess i was wrong to think that your profuse "thanks" were sarcastic, since you also accused me of treating you like a 5 yo.
  8. Ok you two... :angel: play nice, lol.

    I've bought several pair of shoes from Bluefly and all were fine. But one bag (an Indy) I bought from them was not only fake but had the security tag dangling from a detached handle. Bluefly did have some issues with fakes because people would swap a fake for the real bag and return the fake. Then the next person would get the fake. I've also bought a Spy and it was 100% authentic, but did not have the security tag. Currently, the security tags are supposed to be on all the bags. If you remove it, they will not honor the return.
  9. thanks ladies. I wll probably purchase from Neimans or eluxury. i like the two handles spys I'm leaning towards the multicolored baby spy. i would love the bigger one but it may be waay to big fr me.
  10. I have purchased numerous things from Bluefly over the years and I have never gotten anything fake. The only time I unknowingly purchased a fake was when I bought a Fendi Spy on Overstock. Luckily I was able to return it immediately without incident.
  11. Yes I have to say that I am not terribly impressed with blueflys security tags. They are very cheap and I had a bag come to me once where I could have gotten the tag off and put it on another bag were I so inclined. If you do buy from any non-authorized retailer, I would take pics and post them here if you do not know what to look for.
  12. I've never purchased a bag from BlueFly, but have purchased other things, all of which were authentic and great buys. They have a great return policy by including prepaid return postage, but there is no exchange, return only.
  13. I have it and LOVE IT!! carried it tonite and recieved so many compliments.. from strangers!! i also felt like i did not want another big bag as a i just purchased the LV gm neverfull...but baby size is beyond perfect for me!

    after reading ur replies regarding bluefly im terrfied! dk if i could purchase form them as i am terrified of recieving a fake:sweatdrop:

  14. I love that tribal colored one. My entire wardrobe goes with that bag. I'm just worried about it still being good for the nex couple of years. Thats why I was just going to settle for the zucca...can be around for years..