Extra 20% off sale

  1. Today and tomorrow only.
  2. Be careful with them!
  3. What's the catch? I haven't shopped with them before. Is their customer service difficult?
  4. They have been known to sell fakes. Search the Balenciaga thread and you'll see some examples.
  5. Fake Balenciaga handbags being sold Internet[​IMG]
    Bluefly - Welcome to Bluefly - Designer Brands (Prada, Fendi, Gucci & more) at Discount Prices
    Phone Number:


    Im an avid handbag collector and was THRILLED when listed a few Balenciaga handbags I was looking for to complete my collection. They were very hard to find, discontinued colors. The pictures of the bags looked fake but I figured they were some kind of stock photo and didn't pay much mind to it.

    When I received the bags ( A teal hobo and a rouge red medium city bag) I was HORRIFIED to find that both bags were fakes. They were good enough fakes that if you didn't know the product you might keep them

    When I contacted bluefly they were very nasty and short with me and told me if I wasen't happy just to return the bags which I did today. If I wasn't in the know about these bags I would have been totally ripped off. Now I have 2000.00 tied up on my charge card and I'm out the shipping both ways.

    I contacted Balenciaga showroom in NYC and they have been trying to nail for a while. I sent them a copy of my receipt and will be sending them pics tommorrow. If anyone was ripped off and can't get a refund I would suggest you do the same.

    I always trusted and have bought from them in the past with no problems. But now, NEVER AGAIN!

    Oradell, New Jersey

    FYI from website.
  6. ^^^

    :sleepy: That horse has been beaten to death. :sleepy:

    Could we PLEASE keep this sub-forum to posting about "Deals & Steals" instead of the inevitable "Fake Balenciaga" posts that always come up when Bluefly is mentioned. Lots of us have shopped with Bluefly for years with no issues and we appreciate the discount codes, not the "let's beat up Bluefly" posts......

    *End of sermon*
  7. Has anyone bought anything from bluefly this weekend with the extra 20% off?
  8. I got a cute pair of flats and a cashmere scarf during the accessories sale last week and I scored a drop dead gorgeous leather Prada zip wallet during their last 20% off sale earlier this month, but I just didn't see anything else that jumped out at me. I imagine with it being the end of the year that everything is pretty picked over.
  9. I got some cami/panty sets and a couple sleeveless tops. Don't know
    if I'll like them enough to keep them.
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  11. ^^^I go by my personal experiences with a retailer. I don't need to cull through old posts. I don't believe the Better Business Bureau is on the Bluefly payroll and creating a great, reputable profile for them.

    I've been a Bluefly customer for many years and never gotten any even remotely questionable merchandise from them. I'll continue to shop with them for that reason. If you choose not to, that's certainly your option.
  12. :roflmfao: Happy shopping