1. does anyone have any? it would be a great help
  2. does anyone have any? it would be a great help
  3. There were some posted a couple of days ago if you search for that thread.

    You can have my 10% off $100 if you want: CKKDQTW

    Also MISSEDYOU116 is the new 15% off.
  4. i have 2JTM89Y for 10% off $100 also.
  5. I used this one. The other code from yes.please had already been used.

    On these one time use codes, could everyone please post if you do use it? It's really frustrating to think you are getting a discount and find out when you are checking out that it's been used. Those "missedyou" codes aren't one time use and can be used once by a million people as long as it's valid, but not the ones they give out during contests. Thanks! :tender:
  6. Contest 15% off code: 2RJHWPP

    One-time use only. Good for 2 weeks. Please let everyone know if you use it.
  7. Got this one for free shipping:

    Promotional code valid until 6:30 A.M EST on 03/24/07. Offer valid for first time customers only and requires a single online purchase of $100 or more.
  8. I just used this code and saved a LOT. :yahoo: THANK YOU, thank you, thank you so much for posting this! :heart: I really appreciate it!
  9. Blufly has an incredible selection of Gucci just added today.
  10. Man oh man, I'm coming up empty on codes with their latest give away. I never expect to win anything, but I've usually gotten a fist full of discount codes by now. :crybaby:
  11. MISSEDYOU116 code still works and I saved $237.60:yahoo: Thank you titania029
  12. :yahoo: yay thanks for the code! I finally got my gucci peggy that I've been waiting forever for!!!
  13. pls, any codes?? i want some shoes!!!
  14. I'm not sure this will work since I got it by going though an advertisement link, but MEDIA24715 gives you $15 off. Not much when you get used to those 15% MISSEDYOU codes, but if it's something just over $100, it's not bad.

    If anyone tries it, let me know if it worked. I can't try it again since I did use it.
  15. I just used MISSEDYOU116 and it worked for 15% off :yes: