bags Authentic?

  1. Sorry if this has already been posted, but i am wanting to make a purchase on the site and was wondering if they are the real deal?????

  2. It depends. Go to the BBag forum and search for bluefly and you will find tons of posts re: them selling fake BBags. And I think there were complaints about their Chloe bags too.

    Personally I have bought a few Gucci bags from them, before the whole BBag saga. All of the Gucci bags are authentic as far as I can tell.

    They do have a 90-day return policy which I've used a few times, no problem with that.

    Do some more research and ask the ladies on the forum of the bag that you are interested in purchasing, and see what they say.

    Good luck.
  3. not all of their products are authentic all the time :sad:
  4. I must be the lucky Bluefly shopper. Everything I've gotten has been legit, no problems with service, shipping or customer service.

    Wish I could say that about some of the other designer bag merchants.....
  5. I think because they buy on the grey market, they get fake products sometimes. So does Overstock, who burned a lot of people with fake Tiffany Elsa Peretti necklaces.

    I worry about stores like Costco too. For example, they sell Movado watches, but they are not authorized Movado dealers. That means they're getting them from outside sources. How can you guarantee authenticity this way?

    Costco sells Gucci too :/
  6. ^and Fendi, Ferragamo and My Flat in London :sad:
  7. ^^ Don't forget about Coach !
  8. ^^ or kate spade. LOL!

    With that said, I have purchased 2 kate spade bags and they're both authentic. I haven't purchased anything else since.
  9. I just bought the Coach scarf print tote from Costco and I'm waiting for it to arrive........I sure hope its authentic!
  10. There's an article about Bluefly at entitled "The Fake Debate: Does Bluefly Sell Fakes?". According to the article, they've been caught selling fake Balenciaga and "possible" fake Tommy Hilfiger. That just burns me up to think that these places that are s'posed to be selling legit items are ripping people off.
  11. I have a Marc Jacobs bag I bought on Bluefly that is without a doubt authentic. I can't vouch for any of the other brands, but they have authentic MJ. That isn't surprising, since discountinued MJ bags at heavy discounts are available every year at retailers such as NM and Saks.
  12. I don't buy from bluefly because of that Balenciaga bag incident because that has made me very paranoid. I simply don't want to take the risk of possibly being stuck with an expensive fake.