BLUEFLY.COM 2 Hours Only - Balenciaga Handbags $699 - Quantities Limited

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  1. Not anything I want but good deals if you like these styles. 2 hours only. 3PM-5PM EST.
  2. I also received this email. A large Matelasse costs only $699?! :nuts: Unfortunately I am not into Matelasse. Hopefully someone will snatch this good deal!
  3. The black matelasse is tempting...
  4. I got a Med. Sienna!:yahoo:I think the bags were only there for 15 mins.! Now everything is sold out!!:wtf:
  5. The new items are gone already!!
  6. I tried to buy a grey matelasse when the sale had only been going on for about 15 minutes and it was sold out. :sad: So then I tried adding anything to my cart and not on thing would work. Did they only have one of everything??
  7. I started a thread about this in the shopping sub-forum. But yes, I was checking my email when the sale started so I was able to check them right away, the bags were there for maybe 10-15 minutes, then they were all gone. I got a Sienna Med. Matellase!
  8. may i know how to get into their quickie mailing list?
  9. You have to register to their website.
  10. ah shame, im a step too late. its over for me :sad:
  11. I happened to be perusing my emails on my iPhone and IMMEDIATELY clicked on the link for the Red/Blue fold-over bag ... clicked the BUY-NOW ... then proceeded to check-out ... and then it said "NO LONGER AVAILABLE"!!! WTF :cursing: :sad:?!?! I then checked to see if it was in my Cart/Basket ... and it was, but yet I couldn't check-out and pay for it! I left the Bluefly site thinking that maybe there was something wrong with my iPhone connection, and still saw the bag with the 'BUY NOW' button activated. Needless to say, I tried numerous times, only to be told that it wasn't available when attempting to check-out. Pissed me off big-time; they need to get better software!
  12. ok. thanks ...
    *running to register*
  13. Oh Bluefly is famous for that (as well as Barney's)
  14. Ceejay, sorry this happened to you :hugs:This happened to me a few times as well, but when I go to my cart, item is still in there and Im able to check out with it.