Bluefly codes?

  1. Does anyone have bluefly codes? Mine are all expired!

    10% or 15% would be great!

  2. Anyone have another bluefly code? I've already used welcome490...
  3. The bag I want to buy isn't part of the bluesale...thanks though JCELL!
  4. ^^^I had some free shipping codes a while back. I'm pretty sure they are still good. PM me if you want them!

    Edit note: Oops, I just checked. I thought it was good through September 12, but it expired August 12. I tried it anyway and it definitely doesn't work. Sorry! :shame:
  5. Thanks anyways!! I actually needed a LOT more discount than free shipping to be able to afford the bag I wanted...ah well! :girlsigh:
  6. I found a nifty angle for high priced items. If your item is on the Blue Sale page and you buy three items, you get 30% off all three. So if you find two items for say $20-30 and the third is $2000, you get the 30% on the 2k item as well as the $20 item. I tried it and it works. You don't need a code either. It's calculated while the items are in your cart.

    I now have some veeeery nice Gucci sunglasses on the way! :supacool:

    WARNING NOTE: The 30% Blue sale ends Wednesday August 30.
  7. They just sent me a 15% coupon but I have to click on the link. They don't give out those "missedyou###" anymore I think.
  8. ^^^Ooooo, are you going to use the code? I'm about to checkout some stuff. If you don't need it, can I use it? :tender:
  9. Hmm...I never got sent a code? Ah well...just as well. Can't really afford another bag! But I had the chocolate brown guccissima in my shopping bag today and really wanted to get it!!!!!

    Prada Psycho, what did you order?
  10. Not that I expect I'll keep all of them, but FOUR pairs of sunglasses: one Dior, three Gucci. Also ordered a super cool Hype bag. I've been on a quest for a black bag for a while now. I hope this fits the bill. With the sale and discount it was only $80!! :yahoo:
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