Bluefly Codes ....good pricing!

  1. so bluefly is having a pretty decent sale right now......extra 20 percent off certain items and they have two codes which add up to 40 off.....

    ENJOY202 and NEWYEAR7 yay!!!
  2. Can you use both codes?
  3. If you enter both codes is that for certain items or in general?
  4. Darn, just ordered earlier! How long are they good for? Are there any stipulations?.... I do need that other Tory Burch sweater!!!:graucho:
  5. They must be single use codes. Neither works now. Also, you can only use one code at a time at Bluefly. If you put a second code in, it kicks out the first so you want to use the best discount code you get.
  6. so what is the process to get 40% off?? thx
  7. You can't get 40% off. The Accessories sale is already 20% off. The most you could get off the sale price is 10% if the codes listed were still valid, which they aren't.

    Missedyou105 and Missedyou106 are good for 15%, but again, you can only use one code per order. Also, once you use either of these codes, you can't use them again.
  8. MISSEDYOU105 for 15%
  9. thanks~
  10. when are the codes good til?