Bluefly Code

  1. Hi--If anyone has a 10% off or 15% off Bluefly code that you are not planning to use, could you PM it to me? Thanks!
  2. Thank you! I'll try it.
  3. Here's a 15% off code. Maybe you can combine it with the link above??


    It's valid until 6:30 A.M. EST on 10/14/06.
  4. ^This code worked for me. Thank you. :yes:
  5. You're welcome!! Glad you can use it :smile: !
  6. Thanks for the code! I saved about $25 off my purchases with it.

  7. Yaaaay! I love your avatar, BTW. I'm a big Chococat fan :love: !
  8. You just saved me $312. Thank you!
  9. Thanks I also used it along with their 15% off and bought a leather jacket and saved another $35.
  10. Thanks for the code! I got a peacoat!
  11. Thanks for the code, I got a great coat for a trip to NYC and cute Delman boots.
  12. I'm so glad all you ladies were able to use this code and save some money. I just hate ordering something online and then finding out later that there was a discount code I could've used.

    And lauriemidori ... $312 in savings? Wow! That's really great!! Now you can get about 100 lattes from Starbucks :P !
  13. Thanks so much for the 15% off code! I just got my BF a pair of Diesels that he likes so much... it'll be an early X-mas present!
  14. I have several coke points, which I am able to get like 25.00 off 100.00 and so on, I dont know what we could work out, maybe just brownie points haha email me at and we will work something out.;)
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