Bluefly code, please!

  1. Looking for a bluefly free shipping or 10% off code.. my soon-to-be-purchase is exactly $100.94. Could sure use one of those codes!

    Thanks in advanced :yes:
  2. Have you used welcome490?
  3. ! The code you entered was not recognized. Please check the code and try again or call customer service at 877-BLUEFLY

    Thats the message I got :sad:

    Edit: This would be my first bluefly purchase, also.
  4. Ooops...maybe because it's supposed to be allcaps?


    It should work - today's supposed to be the last day!
  5. Nope..nothing.

    Maybe it expired today? :sad:
  6. It's not working for me either...
  7. Sorry girls! I don't understand why...I used it last week! :shrugs:

    use this code for 10% off of orders more than $100 (new customers only, so just purchase as a "guest customer"). it works. i just used it. happy shopping!
  9. 2KF24MF

    They have a new game going on so there should be ots of codes floating now.

    One time use only though.