Bluefly: City and Part Time this morning!

  1. white GH City and black Part Time
    Go get 'em!:tup:
  2. Ladies, be careful with the part time. Their "sale" price is more expensive than Balenciaga's price. The black part time is sans the giant hardware, therefore it should be cheaper!:confused1:
  3. They need to know what the retail prices are!!!
  4. I just called them and also contacted their LiveHelp to tell them that their retail price is incorrect on the Part Time. Both the person on the phone and the person on LiveHelp said that they would follow up. Keep watching and maybe they'll fix the problem. I explained to both of them about the possible mix-up between the Giant Hardware and Regular Hardware prices. I also told them what the retail price should be on the Part Time w/Regular Hardware. I think I covered all the if they don't fix it, they are in big trouble with me. ;)

    Here's the link to the Part Time, RH ... if it shows as being unavailable, just keep trying ... it'll probably become available again:
  5. ^^You're such a dear, fiatflux - going to all that trouble to make sure people don't overpay! Thank you!