Bluefly carries Hermes??

  1. I couldn't believe my eyes just now, there are Hermes bags on their site. I know folks here have gotten fakes from Bluefly in the past so I have no intention of buying but does anyone know if this is for real? Color me shocked :wtf:
  2. Can't speak to handbags, but I ordered two scarves (Feux du Ciel and Songe de Poliphile) with a third one on the way (Casse-Noisette). Both of the ones received are authentic and arrived in perfect condition. FWIW Songe de Poliphile is an amazing looking scarf.
  3. The fact that word 'fake' has even been mentioned in association with Bluefly puts me right off. I would never buy Hermes (mainly because I am such an imbecile when it comes to spotting fakes) from anywhere other than Hermes or
  4. I was also shocked to see not only bags and scarves but beautiful gloves as well.
  5. The sandals with what looks to be the Chevelle Surprise pattern are cute too. But I can't quite fathom how Bluefly has gotten ahold of new bags. Granted there are no Birkins/Kellys and such but still. Kinda makes me go Hmmmm
  6. Hermes must have a leak in the system somewhere. Apparently they're quite upset about the Bluefly sales but can't really do anything about it.
  7. Oops . . . Hermes has some house cleaning to do if Bluefly has obtained the bags that way.
    If some have gotten fakes from Bluefly, I will look to Hermes or other trusted resellers.
  8. They're upset about it? How come? I mean, aside from the fact that they don't like secondary market ...

    I wonder if the items on bluefly were sale items from Hermes sales ... They tend to have new stock everytime after some sort of sales
  9. Kou- none of the items I've received are marked with an s so I don't think they are sale items
  10. That's weird ... I wonder how they got these and sell them at below retail ...:shrugs: I mean, wouldn't they want to make money?
  11. The scarves are definitely not sale items, however it is hit and miss when it comes to the shape they arrive in. I have heard opinions ranging from pristine to smelly/dirty, etc.
    With the bags - has anybody ordered one??? I would be interested if they're sale items...

    Kou, that's what I meant, there must be a leak in the system somewhere... there must also be a reason why online sellers can offer brandnew designs.
  12. C, Japster bought a Garden Party recently from them and she said it's in fab condition! I don't think it was a sale item.. Can't remember where I read about it but she's posted pix in the Members' Items reference:smile: