Bluefly Black Patent Muse

  1. Black Patent croc muse in large and oversize on Bluefly right now, as well as large black and chocolate
    Go get 'em!
    [​IMG] Yves Saint Laurent

    also, black patent tribute (metropolis) $692 - so cute! (not croc)
  2. Also the overseas bags. I just love the little garnier satchel but cannot buy another brown bag.
  3. is the garnier satchel the one with the chains? that's cute
    I need to get a block put on my computer for the Bluefly site - dangerous!
  4. how much was the black croc muse????
  5. they showed up this morning.. I tried to snag one but they said all 4 of them sold out in a hurry.. I even called them twice.. one of the sales most of have fallen through .. I would have bought I was dying for it..

    anyway they had a plain black patent, and the croc and then they also had a big silver downtown but all three are gone now
  6. Yes, that's the one. I really want it, but I just got a choco brown Burberry & the black mini patent downtown recently. I could get the ivory one and use it next Spring but am holding out for something newer.